Fresh tomatoes from Morocco

Morocco exports tomatoes and earned 511.78 million on tomato exports.

According to some sources, Mexico continues to lead global exports of tomatoes, with 1.74 billion kilograms exported in 2017

(23.61 percent of the world total). The sales income reached 1.72 billion.

According to World’s Top Exports (WTEx), Morocco was among the fastest-growing tomato exporters since 2013, in addition to Azerbaijan (up 281.9%), China (up 157%), Portugal (up 73%), and the Netherlands (up 16%) 

France is Morocco’s biggest importer of tomatoes. The kingdom exported 346.28 million kilograms of fresh tomatoes to France, 89 tonnes to Russia, 29.69 tonnes to Spain, 22.47 million kilograms to the United Kingdom, and 10.87 million kilograms to the Netherlands.