Fresh oranges from Morocco

It is going well with the Moroccan fruit and vegetable import”, Moroccan oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruits, and in the spring and summer with our watermelons, yellow melons December is traditionally the month for Moroccan clementines. “The Berkane region in Morocco is well known for having the best clementines. They are a nice dark red colour with good brix levels and juice content.This is the best variety of juicing orange.Navels and, in the spring, different kinds of melons from this North African country.

Then it is about watermelons, and yellow melons from the Zagora region. The soil type, in combination with the good weather conditions, ensures that fruit and vegetables from Morocco are of a distinctive quality. Citrus from this country, in particular, is very good. For example, the Gharb area produces nice oranges because there is a very favourable difference in day and night temperatures there. You also, of course, have good citrus varieties in Spain, even though the growing conditions in Morocco are very good. The soil type and climate there are optimal for this type of cultivation.

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